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How To Develop Unique Knowledge & Create Your Very Own Voice

Every content creator strives for something that will help them stand out from the crowd. Over the next 2-3 minutes we will explore one way of gaining a unique advantage to help you do just that.

Everybody takes a unique path through life. This way we develop our own voice, our own ways of looking at things. Although there may be very few new topics to write about there will always be new points of view and observations to share.


Pearls Of Wisdom

Along that unique path we take through life we will accrue pearls of wisdom that once combined will impart each of us with our own unique knowledgebase.

You will be amazed how valuable that becomes when you are able to share or use that knowledge to solve problems that people have. Finding solutions is after all where value is created.


How To Grow Your Unique Knowledge Set

The way to develop your unique knowledge is by ensuring that you are receptive to learning new things.. Having an exploring mind that is encouraged to ask questions such as why, will help you absorb new ideas and develop your own point of view.

For example, they say that travel broadens the mind, well it also increases your knowledgebase too. I’ve spent more than half my 64 years living in countries and cultures outside of the one I was born into.

I was born in London, UK, but spent over 10 years living in mainland Europe, mainly Germany and Spain, before adding just over 20 years out East in Thailand and Malaysia.

Over 30 years travelling the world has definitely given me my own unique way of looking at many things. Compared to before my travelling I now eat differently, drink differently, dress differently, have a different attitude to society, religion, family, health and the value of material things.

It’s only natural that my life experiences have an effect on the thoughts I express and the way I analyse different things that happen.


Your Very Own USP

And that’s the same for everyone of us. Recognise your own unique experiences have helped crate a unique knowledgebase that you are able to tap into to express your own unique views on events. Think of it as your own USP, Unique Selling Point, and consciously develop your own identity, opinions and voice as you travel down that path.

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